Strigs Blackfeather

A quiet winged dark skinned figure.


Born on the face of a cliff during a storm that was sent spiraling off of the Eye of Abendego. Strigs was born in the eye of the storm as it crashed over the home of the strix. His childhood passed quickly as a storm always seemed to arrive on the day of his birth, every year like clockwork. Later in Strigs life he was captured by a Chelaxian sailors who chained him to their ship mast. Strigs grew to hate the Chelaxians for his imprisonment on their ship. He prayed everyday for a rescue from the cruelty of the crew. His prayers were answered by the Chelaxians own foolishness. They sailed to close to the Ey of Abendego and like a father protecting its child the storm reached out and swallowed the ship. Strigs was relieved by the wind rushing around him, the lightnings crack nearby, the rain pouring off his wings as he fought against the storm. The strix beat his wings to stay airborn as he fought the storm. The last thing he saw was the ship being crushed beneath the waves of the storm.

Strigs later woke pushed against the shore back near his home on the cliff sides; as he turned and looked out at the ocean far off in the distance the storm raged and lighting flashed. The storm had saved him, for that he would be ever thankful. That moment was when Strigs decided the storm was his true calling, the one that had been there his entire life.

Strigs Blackfeather

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