In a time of high seas adventure and daring swashbucklers.

Merchant shipping lanes connect the jungle lands of Sargava to the wealthy countries of the north. Goods and gold flow from port to port, but all roads must pass through the Shackles.

It is in the islands of the Shackles that free spirited sailors and adventures have come to cast off the chains of oppressive governments, and strike out to make their fortunes as pirates.

These pirates are driven by the promise of freedom on the high seas, a thirst for adventure, and the ever gnawing hunger for wealth untold. These pirates ply their trade on the shipping lanes and villages throughout the Shackles, laying claim to merchant, military, and even fellow pirate vessels should the whim take them.

It is in a seedy tavern in Port Peril that our story begins, as would-be pirates come together and embark on a journey that will push them to their limits, bring them both fame and fortune, and possibly even change the face of the Shackles forever.

Lone Star Gamers: Skulls & Shackles

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